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APA Display Training Course Signature Form

APA Display Fireworks Training Test

The following questions are based off of the material covered within the three part APA Display Fireworks Training videos. Pyro Shows requires that you successfully answer 8 out of 10 questions.
What does "APA" stand for?(Required)
Which NFPA standard is used as the basis for this course?(Required)
Which type of effect is described as containing a pyrotechnic composition, a burst charge and a timer fuse?(Required)
What is the name of a device consisting of two wires that terminates at a high resistance element that is coated in a heat sensitive pyrotechnic compound?(Required)
What is the term for the designated area in which hazardous debris is intended to fall after a fireworks device has been fired?(Required)
Which material is NOT suitable for the construction of firing mortars?(Required)
What type of fire extinguisher is required to be on-site and accesible during a fireworks display?(Required)
Once fireworks are present on the job site, what is the minimum distance required to be kept between the fireworks and the general public?(Required)
Which situation PROHIBITS reloading aerial shells during the display?(Required)
What is the maximum size aerial shell that can be fired manually (using a flare)?(Required)
"Manually" means any device that is fired by someone physically igniting the timer fuse with a flare or other device.


Which office should your information be submitted to?(Required)
Select the office location that you work for the most.
Verification of Completion Agreement(Required)
Date of Completion(Required)
This is the date the you successfully completed the course.