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APA Proximate Training Course Signature Form

APA Proximate Training Test

The following questions are based off of the material covered within the four part APA Proximate Training videos. Pyro Shows requires that you successfully answer 8 out of 10 questions.
What does "APA" stand for?(Required)
Which NFPA standard is used as the basis for this course?(Required)
A proximate pyrotechnic device is any device that's safe for use at a distance of 15 feet from the crowd.(Required)
Which device is regulated by the ATF, even though it's considered a 1.4G/1.4S device?(Required)
All proximate devices are single-shot devices.(Required)
On the product label for a gerb, there are alsmost always two numbers listed. What do they mean?(Required)
Example: "20 x 20"
Can an airburst be used directly over an audience?(Required)
How many water based fire extinguishers are required on-site for a proximate display?(Required)
What is the recommended distance that must be maintained when concussion mortars are being used in a proximate display?(Required)
This might include A/B mix and flash reports.
Smoking cannot occur within how many feet from a proximate display site?(Required)


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