Pyro Shows


Have you ever wanted to go backstage at a concert or stand on the field at a NFL stadium (without security escorting you out)?  Do you enjoy the thought of potentially entertaining thousands of people without having to sing a word?  Have you ever been told that you “work well under pressure”?  If so, then joining our team as a pyrotechnician could be the end to all of your problems!  Well, maybe not…but you might really enjoy it.graphic depicting technician demand by state


How much work could you potentially get?  Let’s find out!  Check out the updated map and see if you live in one of the areas where we have a high demand for good technicians.  Even if you have zero experience in the world of pyrotechnics, that’s OK.  We have a good program in place on training new techs to achieve their maximum potential as quickly as possible.


Ready to start your path to becoming a pyro?  Make your first step using one of the buttons below…

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• Send in the basic information and we’ll help you decide if pyrotechnics is right for you.


Check out the video below and see if it helps you make a decision…