Pyro Shows

Display Site Safety Outline & Roster


    1. No person shall be allowed on the display site under the influence of alcohol. No person shall be allowed on the display site under the influence of any drug, whether prescribed by a physician or not, that may impair the judgment, mobility, or stability of the user. Check with your physician if you are taking any medication that may adversely affect the user during prolonged exposure to heat or exertion. No smoking or smoking materials are allowed on the display site or within 50 feet of any pyrotechnic materials.
    2. No unauthorized persons are allowed on the display site once work begins or once pyrotechnic materials have arrived. Authorities Having Jurisdiction, Sponsors or their Designees must be accompanied by the Operator or an experienced assistant while on the display site. No person under the age of 18 is permitted on the display site when pyrotechnic materials are present.
    3. Only authorized vehicles shall be allowed to park within the display site.
    4. Check all equipment for damage prior to set-up. If damage is noted, set the equipment aside and alert the Operator. If reasonable and effective repairs cannot be made the equipment must not be used.
    5. Remove all paper and debris from the mortars before loading any devices into the mortars.
    6. Inspect all fireworks devices during daylight hours for damaged lift charges, casings, lead fuses or exposure to moisture. Never use a fireworks device that cannot be easily and safely repaired.
    7. The Operator shall review and demonstrate the proper way of loading shells into mortars before loading begins. In the case of electric firing, the Operator shall demonstrate how he or she wants the display to be wired and cabled.
    8. Never load mortars or attach electric matches inside a vehicle or truck. Never slide, drop or otherwise roughly handle fireworks or cartons containing fireworks.
    9. Never drop a shell into a mortar. Ease it in using the lead fuse, electric match leads or an attached lowering cord and do not place your head or any other body parts over the mouth of the mortar during loading and/or E-matching.
    10. Place chain fused fireworks devices up wind from non-chain fused devices. When loading aerial shells, be sure to load the shell into a mortar of the proper size.
    11. During the display, Spotters must watch for misfires, malfunctions, devices that may return to the ground and any other unsafe situation which may develop during the display. These situations must be reported immediately to the Operator.
    12. Following a display, wait a minimum 15 minutes before approaching the discharge area. Check mortars for burning debris. Never reach into a mortar for an unfired shell. Alert the Operator to this situation.
    13. Check fall out area for unexploded shells or components. Keep the entire display site clear of the public until this check is complete. Whenever possible, designate an assistant to return early the next day to re-check the display site.
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    1. Long sleeve shirts, gloves and pants (manual fired shows)
    2. Hearing protection (all shows) and safety glasses (manual fired shows)
    3. Head protection (manual fired shows)
    4. Closed toe shoes (all shows)
    5. Approved personal flotation devices (barge, pier and water shows)
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