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The Questions

The letters GHS stand for:*
The GHS classifies chemical hazards so that workplace communication will be the same worldwide.*
The GHS covers which of the following three hazards?*
In the GHS, the letters SDS stands for:*
More detailed information about hazards, personal protective measures and safe handling of a material are found on the SDS.*
Important information on the hazards, protective measures and safe use of a material can be found on the Container Label.*
The two “signal words” used in the GHS are:*
The signal word “Warning” means the hazard is less serious.*
Information on the hazards of a material can be found on the label under the “Hazard Statements” heading and in Section 2 (Hazard Identification) of the SDS.*
Information about what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to use when handling a material is found on the label under the heading “Hazard Statements” and on the SDS in Section 13.*
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