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What are Tech Tips?

The Pyro Shows video series, “Tech Tips”, began in September 2021 and continues to drop new knowledge each and every month. The goal is to educate our techs on the most important information in under a single minute! Why a minute? We know you are busy and have lives to live, so 60 seconds seems reasonable to us.

Check out the video archive below.  We bet that you might learn something that you pretended to know but actually didn’t know…it’s alright, we’ve all done it…

ⓘ Have an idea for an upcoming TECH TIP? Let us know and your request just might make the cut. Contact Chris Honeycutt directly to submit your request.


➲ Tech Tip #1 – Gerbs
If you shoot close-proximate gerbs, then you will want to watch this quick, one minute video. “Tech Tips” is a new video series from Pyro Shows that aims to cover important tips for technicians in one minute or less.
➲ Tech Tip #2 – Cake Spacing
This month’s Tech Tip applies to cake spacing. Placing cakes and other devices too close to each other will often end badly should one of the devices malfunction. This video covers Pyro Shows’ preferred cake spacing standard and shows an example of why this standard exists.
➲ Tech Tip #3 – Water Bottles/Extinguishers
All Pyro Shows technicians have likely had to use a water fire extinguisher at some point in time. However, most probably do not know how to refill the “water bottle” correctly. This month’s Tech Tip provides a step-by-step guide on how to just that.
➲ Tech Tip #4 – Building Setups
How many mortar racks should be included in a setup? Does size matter? What about finale racks? Find out the answer to these questions in this month’s Tech Tip!
➲ Tech Tip #5 – Equipment Care
Have you ever had a piece of gear that didn’t work properly? This month’s Tech Tip covers two important items that are frequently returned damaged. You’ll also learn the correct way to return this equipment to ensure that it continues to work properly for future shows.
➲ Tech Tip #6 – Cable & Cord Care
Tech Tips is now called “1 Minute Tech Tips” thanks to some valuable feedback we received from you. This month, we cover the best way to roll up various cords and cables. This has become an issue for us due to the number of additional NCAA team special effects that we are providing. Take a minute and review the best practice for extending the life of DMX cables, FireOne “zip” and extension cords.
➲ Tech Tip #7 – COBRA Tips (Part 1 of 3)
This month is the first part of a three part series on the most common issues our techs have with various firing systems.  This month covers COBRA, next month tackles FireOne and lastly will be the Pyro Shows firing board (flip switch).