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APA Hazmat Training Video & Exam

INSTRUCTIONS: Begin by watching the video below. After completing the video, you will need to take the exam at the bottom of the page.

In-Depth Transportation and Handling of Fireworks Exam

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Please choose your home office :*
All fireworks must be approved for transportation. This approval is knows as an :*
Fireworks are classed for transportation purposes by the U.S. Department of Transportation as :*
Information on the health and safety hazards of the chemicals and fireworks handled at this company can be found by asking your supervisor to let you see :*
A shipping carton of fireworks for consumer use will have an orange, diamond-shaped warning label that says:*
A vehicle transporting any quantity of display fireworks (1.3G/1.1G) or more than 1000 pounds of consumer fireworks (1.4G) must have an orange, diamond shaped placard :*
Placards must be provided by :*
One of the most dangerous things you can do around fireworks, and a practice that is strictly forbidden by company rules is to :*
In the event of a fire in a building or vehicle containing display fireworks (1.3G fireworks) or any boxes of stars or fireworks powders, employees are required to :*
If fireworks are spilled on the ground and no fire is present, the fireworks should be :*
If you are cut, burned, or otherwise injured while handling fireworks :*
When a truck is being loaded with fireworks :*
If you drive a commercial vehicle to pick up or deliver any amount of display fireworks or more than 1,000 pounds of consumer fireworks, you must :*
Fireworks powder can be ignited if they receive enough of which of the following kinds of energy :*
100% cotton clothing should be worn around firework powders rather than nylon or other synthetic fibers. This is to minimize the risk of ignition by :*
Damaged fireworks, spilled powder, or any paper or waste contaminated with fireworks powder should be disposed of by :*
Which of the following activity is forbidden in all rooms, buildings, and areas where fireworks are present :*
Firework testing may be performed :*
Exit doors in storage buildings :*
Before making any repairs to a storage building, if there is any possibility of causing a spark or a fire :*
Before loading or unloading any fireworks, the cargo compartment of the vehicle must be checked to be sure there are no :*
The easiest way to determine if a shipment contains a hazardous material is to:*
The intent of DOT's Hazardous Materials Regulations is to ensure that drivers and equipment are safe, identify and communicate hazards with labels, placards, etc., and :*
The classes (hazard categories) of fireworks mostly handled at this company are :*
When firework packages are assembled at this company, the boxes are sealed using :*
If an employee observes a person who they believe is not a company employee on company premises, he/she should :*
Unauthorized motor vehicles are permitted in which of the following areas :*
If you see a suspicious package on company premises, you should :*
Which of the following materials stored on a company premises represents a potential security concern :*
Which of the following areas of the facility must be continually watched for any suspicious activity :*
If you have any questions regarding fireworks safety or the proper safety rules to follow in handling, storing or transporting fireworks, the person to contact at this company is :*
In the event of any type of fire or explosion at this facility and if there is any possibility that the incident has not been reported to the local fire department, the telephone number to be called once you are out of danger yourself is:*
Shipping papers for a firework shipment must contain :*
In the Hazardous Materials Table found in the title 49 CFR, you can locate :*
All emergency information regarding a firework shipment must :*
Before offering any fireworks for shipment, you must have which of the following pieces of information about each item:*
The emergency action program for our company is handled by:*
Our files of EX Numbers is kept :*
Fireworks for commercial (not retail) shipments may be packed in :*
The EX Numbers must appear on:*
Our hazmat workers must receive training on transportation safety and be tested at least :*
Drug and alcohol testing is required by DOT rules for :*
Our shipping cartons for fireworks must be tested and certified at least :*
Our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) file is located at:*
Shipping cartons must be sealed in which of the following manners :*
The "Emergency Response Telephone Number" we provide on our shipping papers is:*
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