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Ready to take action and move forward with your event?  Good for you.  We’re “action-kinda-people” ourselves, so let us help you embark upon this life altering journey, or in less dramatic terms, let us help you add fireworks to your event.

Once you have determined the time and place of your event, give us a shout (using your “inside voice”, of course) and we will discuss some creative options best suited for your venue.  We will also calculate the ever-so important things like *safety radius and *fallout zone so we’ll be able to tell you the largest size of fireworks that will be permitted at your event venue. Depending on your city, county, and state, there are various factors to be considered. But no worries – you can leave all of those details to us.

If you’re still reading, and still feeling like an “action-kinda-people”, venture forth to the section below called “Preparing For The Pyro” and then…and only then…you will learn the ancient art of…well…preparing for a fireworks show.  Yes, anticlimactic indeed.

Preparing for The Pyro

1. What is important to know before planning a fireworks show?
For us, the most important thing to know is the potential location and event date.

2. What if an event location has not yet been determined?
We certainly understand that plans can change, and we’re here to help. The location of your event determines the size of fireworks that can be shot safely. The larger the firework, the larger the space required between us and the audience. Shell-Chart-Washington-Monument Check out our “Shell Chart” for a better understanding of “the bigger the boom, the bigger the break”. (click on diagram to enlarge it)

3. How much time do you need to put together a fireworks show?
Assuming your event is not on the 4th of July, we like to have a minimum of 60 days to apply for the necessary permits, notify the appropriate authorities, and work out the show logistics. Of course, if you need something on short notice, don’t be afraid to contact us and see if we can make it happen. We do “epic” quite often, but sometimes we can pull off a miraculous-short-notice-epic.

4. What about for 4th of July? How much of a “heads up” is needed?
A fireworks display company is only as good as it can perform on the 4th of July. We like to think we hold our own pretty well, however we’re only human(s). The majority of our clients book their Independence Day firework displays about 6 months to a year in advance. If that kind of time is not available to you, then reach out to us as quickly as possible. As previously stated, sometimes the stars align and we can make it happen with less advanced notice.

Quick Summary: Help us help you, so we can make you look good!

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